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Rhythm Calculator

Advanced rhythm trainer and metronome


The Rhythm Calculator allows a musician to quickly and easily input a section of musical rhythm and hear it played back in perfect time and tempo. A great practice aid for musicians and teaching aid for teachers to recommend to their students.

Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong.

A tool for all musical abilities


Helps beginners to recognise the relationship between musical notes on paper and how they are played.

  • Learn simple rhythms. Notes highlight as they play
  • Become familiar with musical notes by copying them from score to app
  • Improve accuracy by playing along with the rhythm
  • Self-taught or playing without a music teacher? Gain confidence when practising alone


Helps intermediate players to improve and expand their current skills.

  • Valuable supporting tool for sight-reading practice
  • Helps to decipher trickier rhythms. Don't come unstuck playing difficult pieces
  • Aids aural and visual recognition of rhythmic differences in articulated notes
  • Store different rhythms that you are currently practising


Helps the advanced musician to perfect their skills in playing and musical composition.

  • Use as a scratchpad for checking rhythm notation when composing
  • Understand how complicated tuplets sound, especially when nested inside each other
  • Get familiar with irregular time signatures and complex passages
  • A great teaching aid to help your students excel if you are a music teacher




Any time signature. Anywhere.

Supports all time signatures up to 12/16. Can contain multiple time signatures in a single rhythm.

Any tuplet. Nested.

Plays complicated rhythms that can include any tuplet up to 16 notes in length. Tuplets can also be nested inside other tuplets.

Practise mode

Removes clutter to display only the score so it's easy to focus when playing along. Can be rested alongside your music on the music stand.


Add accents and staccato to notes so you can really hear the rhythm as it's supposed to be played.

Easily edit a rhythm

Add or delete notes from anywhere in the rhythm.

Realistic instrument sounds

Choose from 25 melodic and 16 percussive instrument sounds.


Set the volume of the rhythm, pulse and bar sounds.

Intelligent note beams

Automatically groups notes in relation to the time signature so that you don't have to.


Store as many rhythms as you like so you can practise them later.